For Healthcare Professional

At Xpress Health, we believe your nursing career should be as unique as a bespoke suit, perfectly tailored to your preferences and priorities. We're here to help you eliminate the age-old trade-off between your earnings and your personal life. Shifts on your terms: Singles or blocks, you decide. Cash in right after your shift, manage credentials seamlessly. It's all in our user-friendly app.

  • Customized Earnings
  • Operating All Over U.K
  • 10MM+ hours of Care Delivered
  • Available 24/7
Crafted with precision to drive down expenses for Nursing Homes & Hospitals.

Seize command: Effortlessly oversee and govern shifts, absolutely free. Utter clarity in staff compliance.

Unwavering standards: Full compliance, without exceptions, always.

Immediate requirements? No problem! 3500+ Nurses & HCAs at your disposal, filling shifts within moments.

Xpress Health: The intelligent selection for rapid and cost-effective staffing solutions. Act now, secure your booking!

Xpress Health: Top-tier staffing, unbeatable prices. Tech-driven savings delivered to you.

In the heart of Xpress Health’s ecosystem, we’ve crafted your control center. It’s designed for effortless shifts management, right at your fingertips, and it won’t cost you a dime. Compliance? Handled with precision, so you can leave your worries behind.

Urgently need a shift filled? Not a hitch! We’ve assembled a league of 700+ Nurses and HCAs, poised to spring into action like true superheroes.

Embark on a journey into the future of healthcare staffing. Xpress Health: Where quality and affordability seamlessly converge. It’s an experience awaiting your embrace.

98% Fill Rate Guarantee

Round-the-Clock Availability

Operating All Over U.K

Seamless Operations

10mm+ hours of care delivered

Yeah, Great to work with Xpress Healthcare. The team is highly organised for the job.

Xpress Health has been our “Made to Stick” solution in the healthcare industry. Their manager app is a “Switch” that’s transformed our staffing process. It’s a “Chip” off the old block, ensuring seamless coordination. Xpress Health’s innovation is a “Decisive” game-changer for our nursing home. Highly recommend!


Knightsbridge Nursing Home

Xpress truly shines for healthcare professionals, offering excellent compensation while ensuring a consistent flow of available shifts. Their extensive network encompasses nearly every hospital and nursing home across Manchester, with numerous opportunities even in psychiatric units for our dedicated nurses

Andrew Simon


Shift Allocation: Flexible shifts selection across the UK. Amazing and easy to use mobile app to manage shifts, timesheets, and payments. The recruitment process was thorough and hassle free with amazing staff support. Overall, I love the wonderful staff at the Glasgow office. They are amazing. Why not join Xpress Health today!!!